How to make safe online ?

August 13, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Dating Tips

Making profile:

Having a full profile is good however It becomes dangerous if anyone can identify you from the internet.

Don’t put  your private information such as your last name,address of company, home address, phone number, personal mail…

Online activities:

  • Don’t send money to any member
  • Do your own research about the person you are contacting: social network,google research,…
  • Report to admin of site if there is any violations of Terms of use of


Offline Meeting For Women:


  • Be sure that you have enough long time to chat with him online,have enough basic information to identify him
  • Bring cellphone and make sure it could call urgently
  • Go to the dating place and go home by your own car
  • Meeting in public place: Coffee shop is best place for first time.
  • Tell your friends/family about this session.Give them the contact number of the person you will meet.Your friend could go with you and her could sit in other place
  • Keep your property always with you
  • Go home with your friend after dating ends

Should not

  • Meet him after several date online with less information
  • Let your cellphone home or not your phone can not call
  • Let him control the car to pick you to dating or go back home.It is not good if let a strange man control your way to home at first time dating.
  • Meeting in private place and you cannot contact anyone in urgent case
  • Don’t tell anyone about the dating
  • Go home alone after dating ends




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    That’s a great ideal.